Common Duct Cleaning Myths

Duct cleaning mythsWhile cleaning your home regularly can help to cut down on the amount of dust and dirt floating about in the air, nothing can improve indoor air quality quite like a professional duct cleaning. There are, however, some commonly held myths that prevent many people from getting their ducts cleaned on a yearly or even a bi-annual basis, and today’s post seeks to shed light on some of the facts regarding duct cleaning.

Myth 1: It’s enough to have your ducts cleaned just every once in a while

Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that ducts only really need to be cleaned when you move into a new house or after you’ve renovated. Even if your ducts aren’t cleaned every year, it’s a great idea to have a specialist come and inspect them to ensure air quality is where it should be and that your furnace is still able to perform at its optimal efficiency.

Myth 2: Air ducts don’t need to be cleaned unless you have an air conditioning system

This one is also false because any forced air system, whether it’s for heat, fresh air ventilation or even a pump system, will push dirt and debris through the duct work.

Myth 3: If no one in your home has allergies or a respiratory disease, you don’t need to have your ducts cleaned

Sometimes, people assume it’s only households where a family member suffers from allergies or has a respiratory illness that need to worry about dirty ducts. But the truth is, ducts that are contaminated with dirt, dust, bacteria, mold, mildew and other nasty things can and often will have serious effects on the health of perfectly healthy people. Breathing dirty air is dangerous!

If you, too, have been under the impression that any of the above were true, it’s time you contacted a trusted Saskatoon duct cleaning team. Give McIvor Power Vac a call for a free estimate and reap the rewards of improved indoor air quality!

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