When Should You Clean Your Ducts? We’ll Tell You!

Residential duct cleaning timeDepending on how often you use your centralized ventilation system, the number of people who spend time in the space, and how susceptible they are to allergies, the ‘right’ time for air duct cleaning varies from house to house and business to business. But, based on the factors I’ve just outlined, the general consensus is that you should consider residential duct cleaning or commercial duct cleaning every two to five years, at the very least. That said, there are special circumstances where you may want to have your ducts cleaned sooner than the two to five year average.

Reasons to Call for a Commercial or Residential Duct Cleaning – Right Away!

If you’ve recently had an infestation of vermin or insects, for instance, it’s highly recommended that you have your ducts cleaned. Often times, bugs or rats will nest in warm vents, leaving shredded material and droppings that circulate through your system. Really, anything visibly flowing through the vents is bad: something as innocuous as a puff of dust when you start your heating system, for instance, is a good reason to call in the experts for a commercial or residential duct cleaning. That ‘puff’ could be dust, petrified droppings, or even mold, all of which are things you don’t want to be breathing!

Black Dust

If you’ve noticed deposits of black dust around your vents, that’s another cause for cleaning. Black dust is often derived from pollutants that are stuck in your system and that have cycled through several times. Removing these pollutants will result in cleaner air and fewer dust mites, which would be advantageous to asthmatics and those susceptible to allergies.

Trust the Experts!

If you’re considering duct cleaning, it’s important that the right equipment and tools are used and that the job is done thoroughly. While some home owners will attempt to clean their ducts themselves, they just aren’t equipped with the training and tools that are needed to really do a deep cleaning and to remove the dust, debris and other materials that are contaminating the air in their homes or businesses.

If you’ve got questions about air duct cleaning, we’re ready to answer them! Better yet, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate. Call us today: (306) 222-3478.

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