Insulation Removal

At McIvor Power Vac, we know how to remove insulation because of years of experience. McIvor Power Vac is your best choice for Saskatoon insulation removal, give us a call today at 306-222-3478.

Insulation Removal Saskatoon

If you need your insulation removed from your attic because you want to upgrade to a better insulation, call McIvor Power Vac.

Our high power vacuum makes short work of blown in insulation. McIvor is able to contain and dispose of the insulation saving you the time and turning a tough job into a breeze.

McIvor Power Vac does not remove vermiculite insulation. Vermiculite contains asbestos and must be handled by special removal techniques by trained professionals.

Removal of old attic insulation due to mold or allergy causing agents. Removal can also be necessary because of irritating odors, fire damage, and rodent contaminants.

  • Our team Vacuums the insulation right out of the attic using a large diameter hose and the old insulation goes directly into bags to keep everything clean.
  • McIvor Insulation Removal is quick, efficient, and customers are happy because it is no mess.
  • Call McIvor Power Vac to have your old blow-in attic insulation removed safely and quickly.

If you’re looking for someone to remove old insulation from your Saskatoon home, you can call us anytime at 306-222-3478 or email us at

Breathe Easier!

Why Insulation Removal?

Here are three main reasons to have insulation removed from an attic:

  1. Customers have attics that might be over insulated
  2. Customer have attics that might contain damaged or contaminated insulation
  3. Customers want to upgrade their attic insulation

Customers can also have attics that have animal waste in them. Bats, mice, squirrels and even raccoons can get into attics and leave behind their feces. Waste and urine from these critters can create undesired odors. It is important to note that the waste should be removed because it can be a health hazard.

Customers might want to remove old insulation during a home renovation because it is weathered and packed. When insulation gets packed, the R-value is decreased.