Residential Duct Cleaning

At McIvor Duct Cleaning we provide the best duct cleaning service in Saskatoon. Residential duct cleaning prolongs the life of your furnace and reduces dust and other contaminants in the air. McIvor is your preferred duct cleaning team in Saskatoon. Click here for more information on Saskatoon Duct Cleaning.

The McIvor Residential Duct Cleaning Process

  • We take the time to remove your furnace blower and clean it thoroughly.
  • Access panels are created as required so that we can ensure that our duct cleaning is perfect.
  • We ensure that all access panels are properly sealed to preserve your furnace’s efficiency.
  • While we are cleaning your ducts we use drop sheets and register covers to ensure a clean environment.
  • Both the supply and return ducts are cleaned separately using an orderly zone process.
  • Our duct cleaners use rotary brushes, pneumatic whips and compressed air to remove all filth from your ducts.
  • If there are coils present, our duct cleaners make sure that they are all cleaned properly.
  • Once we are done cleaning your ducts, we manually test your furnace for proper operation.


You can call us anytime at 306-222-3478 or email us at moc.gninaelctcudrovicm@ofni. Breathe easier!

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