Saskatoon Duct Cleaning

Saskatoon duct cleaning and related services. At McIvor Duct Cleaning we provide the best duct cleaning service in Saskatoon. Duct cleaning prolongs the life of your furnace and reduces dust and other contaminants in the air. McIvor is your preferred duct cleaning team in Saskatoon.

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Saskatoon Duct Cleaning


At Mcivor we provide the highest level of service and our residential duct cleaning includes a thorough multi-step process which includes brushing so that as much debris as possible is removed.

The most common times to have your ducts cleaned are when:

  • getting ready for winter or summer
  • It is time for the furnace to be replaced
  • Excess debris because you are renovating your home
  • you are moving into a new home
  • there is drywall dust because of new construction or a renovation
  • It’s time to clean your air conditioning coil (can be done at same time as furnace)
  • Periodic duct cleanings are required because of sensitive allergies
  • you have pets that shed a lot or have excessive dander
  • you live near a dry/dusty location and have to deal with rapid dust accumulation

Saskatoon Duct Cleaning Services

We will come to your home and give you an accurate quote for free. We make sure that every inch of duct work is as clean as possible and we stand behind our work. In addition to using forced air and vacuums, we use a power brush to loosen up material that is stuck to the side of your ducts. Our team is capable of working on both residential duct cleaning and commercial duct cleaning jobs.