Start the Year Off Right With a Duct Cleaning

Happy New Year 2017You spend a lot of time indoors during the winter, which makes your indoor air quality really important. Bad air quality can exacerbate asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses. This is especially true during the winter when colds, influenza, pneumonia and other illnesses abound. Not only that, during this season, it’s common for dust, dirt and other contaminants to accumulate and build up in your ductwork.

Contaminant build up can affect other HVAC system components, such as the furnace. However, at least one duct cleaning during the winter can eliminate these toxins and keep the air quality in your home as good as possible. After all of the chaos of the holidays, it might be refreshing to start your new year off with a duct cleaning!

Why You Should Have Ductwork Cleaned

The most important reason to have your ducts cleaned is to get rid of the airborne toxins that can make you sick and ruin your HVAC system. However, things like mold and fungi can be the result of contaminants in your ductwork. Live mold spores that are on the evaporator coil of a central air conditioner can be moved into your airstream and distributed into every room in your home, for instance.

An odd smell coming from your HVAC system can also be an indication that you have a fungi or mold issue. However, a seasonal duct cleaning and HVAC system check can eliminate these problems and greatly enhance the air quality in your home.

Benefits of a Duct Cleaning

There are a number of benefits to having your ducts cleaned routinely, and especially during the winter when you’re at home more often. These benefits include:

  • Fewer repairs to your HVAC system
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • No dust on your furniture, ceiling fans, walls and lighting components
  • Reduced HVAC system operating costs
  • Removal of unpleasant odours
  • No money spent on mold removal
  • An overall safer, cleaner environment for you and your family

Duct Cleaning Expectations

The duct cleaning process involves several steps that you should know before a Saskatoon duct cleaning technician comes to your home. What you can expect during your duct cleaning process includes the following:

  • An assessment of the inside of your ductwork by a duct cleaning technician. This assessment will evaluate the overall condition of your ducts and identify any problem areas.
  • An access hole will be cut in the return and supply sides of your HVAC system and air whips and brushes will be used to dislodge built up dirt and grime
  • Interior components of your system, such as the air handler, housings, fan motors and the evaporator coil will be cleaned.
  • Commercial-grade cleaning equipment will be attached to the ductwork and contaminants will be pulled out of the ducts and deposited into a sealed container.
  • If you want, the technician will spray an eco-friendly anti-microbial spray on the exterior of the ducts to prevent future fungi and mold growth.

Ready to get off to a great start in 2017? Give us a call and let’s schedule your Saskatoon duct cleaning!

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